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I just want to post my opinion and some ideas, playing on server3 and now on 4.
First I really like this game:
- there is no lag
- you can upgrade fast
- all the units are nice and complementary
- maps are great, specially battle map
- city and buidlings are well designed
- deployment manager is usefull and easy
- battle system is fun
- menu are good and well done
- being part of an alliance is friendly
- GSA fortresses are exciting targets to attack
- airport, being able at lvl13 to deploy everywhere is great

What to improve (in my opinion):
- not enough opportunity to fight
- not enough targets
- not enough GSA camps interesting to fight with
- too easy to be able to own one fortress without GSA counter attack
- too easy to be able to deploy turrets far away
- too long to send materials between friends or allies

Just to comment the last points, I think the actual system makes the game mostly interesting for the 20 best players.
They can easily become strong enough to capture the fortresses and to protect them. With these production bonus they become stronger and stronger. Even 1 player (for exemple on server4) is able to own several fortresses and...
What to do for other players? No more targets or goals...
It looks not so important to play together and help each other...

Few ideas:
Concerning Fortress:
In my opinion it could be more fair and logical that GSA starts to counter attack as soon as a player own a fortress.
To promote team playing, the counter attack could be stronger and stronger depending on the number of fortresses your alliances own.
It s nice to be able to deploy turrets with airport, since the update. But It 's one more time a profit to the best players, allowing them to capture fortresses everywhere on the map. To my mind, the cost of deployment in fuel should take account of the distance. It could allow players or alliances to rule their area.

Concerning targets and tactical objective:
To make this game more interesting for more and more players, players need to have something to do with their army.
Fortress attacks doesn't concern so many players and doesn't happen so often.
1)Adding some more GSA camps could be a solution.
2)In my opinion you could add one new unit: recycler
Recycler could be a unit to claim materials in different opportunity
- destroyed GSA camps could offer materials to recycle
- not claimed cities could contain materials to recycle
and players could use their armies to protect and fight each other, trying to destroy slow recyclers.
An other option, to really boost PvP, you could allow recyclers to collect materials of destroyed units.
3) You could add some new type of GSA camp: a fort (small fortress) giving when captured a small amount of materials. With a limit in the logistic center, it could be Interesting for the "small" players or at the begining of the server.
4) You could add a main fortress event. Every week end a new main fortress appears on the map with great bonus. And stay only one week.

Thanks for reading wink

Thank you for the dev, I really spend good time playing this game.


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we are really happy that you like our game and thank you very much for your comprehensive game analysis smile We understand lack of fight opportunities in general and those of PvP in particular and we will definitely do something about it. wink And who knows, maybe we will be inspired with your very interesting suggestions. We will also enhance game mechanics to make gameplay as much entertaining as possible to everybody, not only to top players. All we need is time to implement it wink

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Re: Opinion and ideas

i like the game to but sadly spending months and months on game cant progress says war over im not starting over that is wonder alot of people quit the game.