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Topic: Date of Launch of new server

Hey all,

myself, like many others, are very excited for the new server, but when I found out it was to be launched on Dec15 I was very disappointed. This is because the launch is before many in North America have holiday and for us it is launched in middle of day so we cannot be on(unless we specifically take time off). This is an unfair advantage to Europeans who have it launched at better times but that cannot be helped, so if it could be moved to a weekend it would ensure all can start early and be equal. Currently even if I buy bonuses it will not help since others have headstart on building. Talking to dev, they claim it is for Czech players who start holiday earlier, if so, cannot start it on weekend? Mostly everyone does not have to work then.

Please consider,

Otherwise it is a good game, I would like to continue playing, but seems like some have many advantages making it hard to be competitive.

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Czech students are still in the schools, we started new server  because we do not want to start it during Xmas.

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Hi canuck88
There is no big advantage in logging in first seconds of game, unless maybe someone can take cities you wanted.
But few hour is really nothing. in first few days it seem like you are a lot behind others, but after 2-3 weeks it will be just few point that doesnt matter :-)
I knew few player, who start abou moth later, and still can get between TOP players :-)

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