Ceiling lights, or fixtures that are mounted flush with the ceiling as opposed to hanging lights like pendants or chandeliers, are the oft unsung heroes of the ambient lighting category. While certain rooms can make use of ambient lighting from other types of fixtures, every home has areas where ceiling lights are the best (and sometimes only) fixture for the job.Get more news about Industrial Ceiling Lights,you can vist our website!
With the tips laid out in this guide, you can face your latest lighting project like a pro and pinpoint exactly what style of ceiling light you’ll need and the best ceiling light placement for every room of your home!
On the surface, ceiling lights present a simple, unfussy solution for ambient lighting needs. But a few common mistakes can leave your room dim and uninspired, and can make your search for a ceiling light unexpectedly difficult. Knowing the differences among types of ceiling lights will help you choose the ceiling light fixture that is best suited to your space.
There are two primary types of ceiling lights: flush mount ceiling lights and semi-flush mount ceiling lights. Flush mount ceiling lights are fixtures installed with little or no space between the body of the light and the ceiling— hence the name. Semi-flush mount ceiling lights are mounted with a space between the body of the fixture and the canopy; they are usually suspended from a short chain or down rod and can lend the effect of a chandelier or lantern. Both are types of close-to-ceiling lights that provide ambient lighting to a room, but each type of fixture is best suited to a specific task and type of room.
When to Use Flush Mounts: There can be significant overlap in the function of these fixtures, but a good rule of thumb is to use flush mount fixtures in rooms that have eight-foot ceilings. Unless the fixture is less than 12” tall, semi-flush mount fixtures can present a safety hazard in rooms with low ceilings, meaning they tend to be best in rooms with nine- and ten-foot ceilings. Because of the way light diffuses throughout a room, mounting a flush mount fixture on a ten-foot ceiling can actually lend a dimming effect to the fixture because the light is positioned too far above the floor. Semi-flush fixtures bring the light lower and have the added benefit of throwing light up onto the ceiling, which can make the whole room feel brighter.

• When to Use Semi-Flush Mounts: Because semi-flush mount lights are mounted using a chain or a rod, there are a number of situations that make them a more useful and efficient choice for your room than flush mount lights. In addition to being perfect for rooms with nine- and ten-foot ceilings, they can also be a good option for sloped ceilings. If your chosen semi-flush light is sloped ceiling compatible, it will come with hardware that allows the fixture to hang straight down. And because sloped ceilings are usually higher than level ceilings, semi-flush fixtures are a better choice for creating the most ambient light.

• When to Choose a Hanging Light Instead: For rooms with ceilings higher than ten feet, hanging fixtures like pendants, chandeliers, and lanterns are better options. These fixtures bring the light lower, allowing it to fill rooms with tall ceilings more effectively.Drum shade ceiling lights are a timeless and classic rounded style that brings soft ambient lighting to a room. These fixtures are available in many styles and materials, as well as both flush and semi-flush designs. Glass drum shade ceiling lights allow lots of light out into the room and create a breezy, open aesthetic in your space. Drum ceiling lights with fabric shades are ever-popular choices, in part because certain fabric shades can sometimes be swapped for a new color or print when you update your decor. Metal drum shades can lend a rugged feel to a room while still being chic and modern.

Glass globe and dome ceiling lights are perfect mid-century and modern ceiling light solutions. These lights make a big statement, and because the shades are glass, these fixtures shine bright. Choose white glass shades for gentle, diffused light, and clear glass shades for brilliant ambience in a clean, modern look.
Square flush ceiling lights are a bold alternative to round lights; straight lines and right angles create a sleek, clean style that accents a wide range of decor themes. Square LED ceiling lights are slim, streamlined lighting solutions perfect for minimalist rooms. Square fixtures with fabric shades soften the light and style of contemporary rooms.