Topic: Crane Transport and Crane Beam Delivery

Crane transport is one of the frequently asked questions. How to transport the overhead cranes with long and heavy beams? Actually, as a professional crane manufacturer and supplier, Dongqi Crane can guarantee the safe, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of your cranes.

Crane transport
As for crane transportation, there is a wide range of choices for clients to select. Generally, the following ways of cranes transport are available so far:

1. Crane transport by sea :

LCL: less than container load
FCL: full container cargo load
Bulk cargo ship
2. Crane transport by railway

For urgent order for crane parts, the following way of transportation is available.

3, Crane transport by air

4, Door to Door express: FedEx,UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS

According to overall situation of the cranes, such as the size, weight, and destination of the crane machines, the most suitable crane transportation schema will be recommended by Dongqi Crane. By the meantime, the suggestions and selections of the crane buyers are fully respected.

Crane beam transportation
Due to the crane beam is long and heavy, the transportation plan will be decided beforehand. As for the crane beam transportation, Dongqi Crane has the following solutions which will selected by the clients before crane manufacturing:

Fabricate the beam at whole when the length of the crane is not so long.
Fabricate the beams into two or three parts, when necessary, which can be assembled at the location.
Notice : Many clients will misunderstand the divided beams, actually beam division for transportation convenience is technically allowed and will not affect the performance of cranes. We have experience too many cases with divided beams, so please do not let this worry prevent you going forward.

Overhead crane main girder connetion

Overhead crane main girder connetion

Factors affects crane transport
Traffic rules of destination countries

As for crane transport, the traffic rules of the destination countries should be considered. Since different countries have different traffic rules, therefore, it is better to confirm from the traffic department about the truck length limit before fabricating the beams;

In China, the longest truck is 17.5 m, which can transport more than 30 m length beams, several days ago, we just delivered a crane with 32 m length beam.

32 m crane transport
Factory loading of 32 m length beam of gantry crane

Cargo handling capacity of ports

Another notice is that, some ports also have limit of handling capacity of cargoes, maybe the port can’t handle more than 30 m length beams, so except to confirm the traffic limit, port information is also very important to get known.

crane in container for transport

divided crane transport in container
Port loading of divided beams of overhead crane.

Crane Transport and Crane Beam Delivery