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The Suede has been kicking around for a long time. From ‘60s basketball warm-up shoe to ‘90s hip hop legend, it’s been worn by greats across generations and made its mark on a range of different scenes. All smooth suede, streetwise swagger, and sport-inspired style, it remains to this day PUMA’s most epic sneaker icon.PUMA has always been about marrying functionality of sport with style to create shoes that transition well from decade to decade.

From its debut in 1968, the PUMA Suede Classic has been at the center of culture. Worn Puma sneakers women white by civil rights activist and Olympic gold medalist, Tommie Smith, on the podium at the Mexico City Summer Games, the Suede became an instant cultural icon. Throughout the 1970s, the Suede again hit the world stage, this time as the shoe of choice for seven-time All-Star and two-time NBA champion, Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

Clyde was the epitome of cool back then and New York Knicks basketball was the hottest ticket in the Big Apple. Around the same time, Kool Herc was Puma classic suede black laying the foundation for what hip-hop would become by extending instrumentals using two turntables. The result was the B-Boy movement, which was fueled by a sneaker that had style, durability, and was respected in the streets of The Bronx. The only sneaker that could make the cut was the PUMA Suede.

Look for the Puma to release later this Fall 2020 at select retailers.