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COVID-19 cases increasing statewide, mainly in larger communities
COVID-19 cases are increasing significantly in Alaska. Nearly 1,000 new infections have been reported during the past week, Ohlsen said.Winnipeg Jets

The NHL and NHL Players' Association have cleared their financial hurdles and are pushing forward with planning talks for the 2020-21 season.Washington Capitals

The owners and the players split hockey-related revenue 50-50 under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. A portion of players' salaries is held in escrow during the accounting process. The extension capped escrow, starting at 20 percent for 2020-21 and descending to 6 percent by 2023-24.

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Ty Smith, their top defenseman prospect, could be an answer. The 20-year-old scored 59 points (19 goals, 40 assists) in 46 games with Spokane of the Western Hockey League last season.Florida Panthers

Joe Thornton is off to play with Switzerland’s HC Davos, as he had done during the 2004-05 lockout, and again in 2012-13. (He met his wife there in ’04-05, children’s author Tabea Pfendsack.) Thornton is a free agent, so he can sign where he wants. Keeps him on his game if the 41-year-old does come back to the NHL.Buffalo Sabres

The gold foil complementing the matte black paint and gold cage is something we don’t see very often (although Lundqvist is seemingly a fan of the glitter foil himself) and the lightweight sans-serif font across the top of the mask is especially unique. To quote Buzzfeed (file that under things I thought I’d never write), “this is the best of the bunch in the ‘stylized team logos’ category, but it looks like a grad student in a graphic design class made it.” As someone who has a degree in graphic design, I’ll assume that was meant as a compliment.