Topic: GSA story and new map possibilities

Post Euro invasion story:

The Global Security Agency (GSA) is a totalitarian organization which has usurped all the capitals of European countries and rebuilt them to its own mighty fortresses. With the base of operations in the Icelandic region invaded by Rebel armies they have discovered many unusual technologies one of which is a teleportation device and a base phasing technology

The base phasing technology is used by the GSA to spawn camps in remote regions it would also explain the GSA bases on most capital cities through europe.

With these technologies in hand we can send our commanders to the GSA operations in the Asia, African, North & South american continents to identify these other technologies.

Speculation from scientists suggest that the GSA have originated from another world but only with successful invasions of other Global Security Agency Super Fortresses will we understand the true origin of the GSA this war isn't over, It has only just begun...

Map suggestions:
North America w/ Canada, Alaska continents   
South America Continent
Asia Continent
Oceanic Continent
Africa Continent
GSA custom occupied map VERY unique with multiple super fortresses on a large continent with smaller continents/islands surrounding it.

Re: GSA story and new map possibilities

Hello, for a game or GSA story you can PM in game to our colleague "Martusa" and to discuss about it with him. He is the right person on this topic wink

We would like to launch more maps in the future. I think North America will be the next one wink

Re: GSA story and new map possibilities

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Re: GSA story and new map possibilities