Topic: Alliances Geographical Influence Idea

Something new for the masses to chew and think on.

So we have a global map that shows:
Player locations.
GSA Camps and Fortresses.

What we could have is have a new map type that shows
Player locations with Alliances land of influence

What does this mean you ask?

Well when you open up the map would you like to see how land is divided by the player alliances like for example how much land is occupied in europe by alliance A, alliance B, alliance C, alliance D so forth and neutral players:

The Alliance will be coloured in Blue
Allies of that alliance will be coloured Lime Green
Peace treaties will be Light Blue
Enemies at war will be red
Neutral players (players with no alliances) should be displayed in yellow
unoccupied land will be default colour of the map

Re: Alliances Geographical Influence Idea

Hello, it is very good idea for future features. We definitely want "political map of Europe" created by our players wink

Re: Alliances Geographical Influence Idea

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Re: Alliances Geographical Influence Idea

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Re: Alliances Geographical Influence Idea

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Re: Alliances Geographical Influence Idea