Topic: Shadow in the Cloud, a woman with a fighter

The background of Shadow in the Cloud is the time of World War II erupting. Captain Garrett (Chloe Grace Morace) joins a group of male soldiers with a B-17 bomber. On this journey, she has to maintain a parcel containing top-secret items and a secret operation. However, it seemed that the other crew members weren't very welcoming. So she ordered her to enter the pit to attack the enemy, and she was forced to leave a package in the upper plane.

However, while she was sitting in the pit alone, she sensed the plane had a foreign body traveling with them. While being suspicious of the enemy It seems there are a lot of things that Garrett has to be aware of at almost every step, and she has to rely on her unique abilities in every way to accomplish her mission.

Although Shadow in the Cloud's movie is a monster movie threatening the protagonist Which the movie trailer makes us believe that way And many viewers who expect it to be a movie in which the protagonist escapes, survives on a plane, and fights Gremlim to death. When the reality was before the strange characters actually appeared before, it took almost half of the story. Of course, there must be a group of audiences who curse this movie without burning ghosts ever. But if you look deeper than that The film, in turn, is full of social contexts, especially about "women" that are interesting and fun to analyze and interpret until we can take the film from another perspective.

From now on, all the stories that happened in the film are revealed. To clarify, so if anyone has not watched the movie, should close this article first so as not to spoil the experience of viewing.

In fact The "first half" of that movie is almost a movie where the audience seems to be watching a musical. Because the movie chooses to show the audience only the captain Garrett in the pit under the plane And based on conversations with male crew members who communicate via short-range radios Which the movie uses a short way to reveal each character And let the whole story take place through dialogue Which hides the point Men view women as sex objects. They don't believe that Garrett is really a capable woman captain. Because during that world war period The most feasible duty of a woman is to "wife" and "conservative" who must serve her husband when they return home.

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Re: Shadow in the Cloud, a woman with a fighter

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