Topic: 5 the right line if Santa Claus wants to change jobs

At the end of the year like this The festival that everyone thinks of is inevitable: Christmas, a festival of happiness that gives the most festive feeling to the end of the year before the new year comes When it comes to Christmas Not to mention Santa Claus, I would not. We all know that Santa Claus will deliver gifts to children around the world on Christmas Eve night. So that everyone could wake up early to unwrap presents on Christmas Day. And even though Santa Claus works all year for just one day, it is considered hard work. What if Santa Claus wants to change jobs? What tasks will our Santa be able to do using transferable skills that have accumulated for a long time?

1. Postman

           Of course, this must be an early career that Santa can do. And not just can But doing very well too Because Uncle Santa's job is to deliver gifts to the world in just one night! If you change to work as a postman, you will be competing in buying yourself from the leading shipping companies because in addition to knowing the routes around the world. Can also send parcels very well, beautiful packaging, no damage Even without attaching important fragile stickers sent to the house Coordinates under the christmas tree A model that does not require a signature Or call to notify the recipient first Can be confident that the goods will reach the recipient's hand This is a skill of attention in every detail. Although it is an accelerated job that has a tremendous amount of work to be done But our Santa doesn't forget to pay attention to detail to make the best work in the limited time.

2. Zookeeper zookeeper

           Many people might not think that Santa can do the job of looking after the zoo. But do not forget that in addition to one night that has to act as a gift delivery Our Uncle Santa spends a whole year caring for 8 reindeer that will bring Santa to deliver gifts around the world. Therefore, all 8 reindeer must be handled with care. In order to be healthy and fit Ready to have the energy to travel all over the world in one night. In addition to Santa has an Attitude loves animals because they have to be together all year. Also, it must have proper feeding knowledge. Including how to keep animals healthy And reindeer is a kind of wildlife. So our Santa is definitely going to be experts in wildlife and rare animals. If changing to Santa Claus career to become a zoo keeper It would be in demand for zoos around the world everywhere ready to hire with exorbitant high salaries.

3. Warehouse Manager

           From the website The Atlantic calculated Santa's Christmas Eve workload: Uncle Santa is required to send 22 million gifts per hour. Which remembered that there was no rest all night If you think in minutes There will be 365,000 gifts per minute, or 6,100 gifts per second, and if you calculate the children (up to 14 years) from around the world who will receive gifts, there will be 526,000,000 people ever. Santa has to have a huge warehouse to build. With a myriad of elf workers who had to work as a spool To manage product stock The schedule of delivery of the order and the allocation of just one Santa Claus Santa Claus is probably one of the biggest and busiest warehouse managers in the world. This job requires both Logistic management skills, administration and management of people at the god level only to be able to do it.

4. Engineer

           Many people may be confused about how Santa Claus is about being an engineer. The answer is the gifts the kids get from the uncle's toy factory in the North Pole! More importantly, the Santa Claus factory doesn't produce the same toys every year. But must produce the hottest toys of that year according to the list of items that the children wrote on their socks in the fireplace. This makes our Santa have skills of crafting, producing, supervising the production line. And most importantly The spirit of learning never ends To keep up with the technology 20 years ago, kids might be asking for a plastic robot model, but this year they might want the latest Playstation5.

5. Customer Service Advisor

           "Ready to Help", "Polite", and "Efficient to Solve Problems" are the first 3 things most people expect from a customer service employee or customer service, which coincidentally, all three of them are present in Santa Claus. Because of the work that has to deliver a gift that exceeds the expectations of children around the world to create happiness. It's a job that must have all 3 of these things. Including various problems that may arise along the way Uncle Santa managed to get the right gifts delivered to every home in one night. And with the need to travel around the world It definitely gives our Santa a good communication skill. This does not include the multitasking capability that requires multiple tasks to be completed in a short time. It also manages the expectations of children around the world to unwrap gifts on Christmas morning. Which our Uncle Santa has done this for a long time.

           This is just an example of Santa Claus' Transferable Skills that we can think of. There may still be other Santa skills that can be further enhanced with other tasks. Made us know that to do a job that looks like a single skill But the fact is in the details, there are many other skills that we get from that profession. And can also be used to expand in other fields, jobsDB invites you to think about the transferable skills you have in your spare time, maybe try Santa Claus's Transferable Skills as an example. For when you want to change your career path, you can find a job that suits you more

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Re: 5 the right line if Santa Claus wants to change jobs

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