Topic: Alienware Ends Supporting LoL Contests After CEO Riot Games Sexually

It was a matter that happened no other day. For the corporate sexual harassment case, Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent is now a suspect. Recently about the League of Legends competition, the famous gaming notebook maker Alienware has announced that it has cut ties with the label. This will definitely affect LoL's future competition.

Dot Esports has reported that Riot Games' contract with Alienware will reach 2022, but after rumors of sexual harassment by people   สล็อตทดลองเล่น  within the organization. Therefore causing the camp to stop supporting Because of these actions Has damaged the brand Even if it's indirect Even now, Riot Games has dismissed the CEO and has set up an investigation into the matter. But when the story is red, it cannot be concealed, causing Alienware to stop supporting it just as much as it is better.

For anyone who follows this news, it should be known that Riot Games is considered another organization that has a lot of drama. And this is considered to be one of the most serious matters in the gaming industry. By now there is a campaign of sexual harassment. Regardless of the gender, it is not appropriate to face this kind of thing.

As for the verdict regarding this case, the verdict has not yet been finalized. But believe that this case is unlikely to survive In order to cut the chicken for the monkeys to see Not just Riot Games, but all over the world. Which matters like this do not deserve to happen No matter who it is So let's help each other campaign and do not let things like this be normal, it would be better.

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