Topic: Apple will let you use your iPhone to search for other products

The iPhone will soon be able to track lost items using a built-in app called Find My, which Apple announced on Wednesday.The first products to work with Find My will be released next week, Apple says, including an e-bike from VanMoof, wireless headphones from Belkin, and a list finder from Chipolo. These products will use third-party Apple devices in a sensitive manner. Private to find lost objects and display their location in the Find My app on the map.Find My was announced last summer at Apple's annual developer conference and is built on its existing service called Find My iPhone.

For Apple, the   ดาวน์โหลด slotxo slotxo download Find My app is a feature for the iPhone's value-added customers, and if it comes in handy, it might make users switch to fewer competing Android devices.The service, however, has been scrutinized by lawmakers and complaints from Tile and other companies selling competitor products.Tile has complained to the EU and its involvement in an industry group that is important to Apple.In January 2020, Tile's general counsel, Kirsten Daru, testified before a congressional hearing accusing Apple of using its marketing power to disadvantage its products and support its own services, including adding pop-ups to the iPhone software. That requires the user to repeatedly accept the Tile's software to run in the background.

Tile also cited reports from analysts and media pointing out that Apple was preparing the hardware to track down the lost items and said that because it was reported that Apple was working on the product, it had begun to mess with Tile, including removing it from. Apple retail stores Apple disagreed with Tile's arguments and said at the time that it would make changes to the iPhone software to make Tile's products perform better, such as letting it run in the background. Later announced my search engine Apple's solution will continue to disadvantage Tile and other hardware developers who provide Finder services against competition," a House Judiciary Subcommittee report released in October concluded.Apple has never confirmed that it works with hardware tracking lost items.

There was no announcement in Wednesday's press release and the tile was not mentioned. A tile representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Apple's Find My technology uses Apple devices' Bluetooth wireless signals to network devices that search for lost items. Apple said Wednesday that the process is end-to-end encrypted and anonymous, so both Apple. And the manufacturer of the Find My object will not know where it is. Only the user and the iPhone know the location of the product.Apple also said it would issue a requirement to allow accessory makers to use the new chip in its latest iPhones, using another kind of wireless signal, called ultra-wideband, to find lost objects.Companies looking to make Find My products can join Apple's licensed accessories program called MFi.Apple says more companies will bring Find My compatible products to the market.