Topic: Why has Old school RuneScape been so popular?

As of recently, RuneScape is 20 years old and will continue to be a popular MMORPG. Initially, RuneScape was a hobby of developers. As developers create adventures and let players enjoy the game, RuneScape is getting better and better. Buying Cheap RS Gold has also become a trendy thing. The developers of RuneScape accepted feedback from their players and conducted further research. Many players immediately liked the game, and more and more players started logging in and registering.

The old school model has become the world's largest free MMORPG. With the upgrade of the game, the RS Gold and RS3 Gold sold in the RSgoldBuy store are also very popular, buy RS Gold, and the delivery speed and service attitude are also very good. As players continue to register and log in, it is difficult for developers to keep up with the number of players joining because the hosting fee is too high and unaffordable. Later, they found a company and established a new company that still runs RuneScape today.