Topic: Why do elders believe fake information online?

Today, various technologies that are advancing are always improving. Has entered into an even greater role in our lives Until it becomes another factor that many people can not live without

In particular, smartphones that are now almost become part of our 33rd organ. Don't deny it's not true. Because I can believe that he is with the phone almost every time Even when sitting idle, it still has to be picked up. Always stuck with wood, not far away Which is for children or adolescents to late teens Would have been used well Because people of these ages are born and raised with technology. You can say that they are friends.

But a rather unfamiliar image of many people will see it.  ดาวน์โหลดjoker Elderly adults Hold a smartphone to sit on the line, send stickers, watch YouTube, that's the point where when adults at this age have learned to use smartphones, they tend to enjoy it until the point of sticking some people living everywhere. time Send lines to grandchildren, such as images of flowers, color by day, with a short greeting, as if adults think doing these Is the norm in chatting

Especially about fake news or deception That forward continuously through the Line group At the superficial level, you might see it as a small matter, but the reality is not. Because our relatives tend to believe this fake news and deception. Believe that the story is true

Which if viewing pictures or reading those information We will be able to easily catch the way that it is not real, such as images using low resolution formats. Stoppage The data said that there were mixed results with the conclusion that Forward it to your loved ones And of course our grandchildren have to receive information like this from their elders every day.

Then why not warn Many people may ask like this. Which for those who have warned and they will listen to me. But there are many others that these adults do not listen. Find that we are unite How do you come to know better than adults as a child? If not grandchildren like me "

Why false information works for adults Which after sitting for a reason and thinking back and forth We can easily conclude that you are very new to the Internet. When they saw something through their eyes, they didn't think that someone would make fake news to share. It is also concerned with other people, therefore it is passed on to each other in the Line group.

Compare with us Is like when we were young Soft to the world and easily influenced Did you forget that during the early days of our Internet use, we still believed the chain message, right? For example, the method of removing the mind must be done after midnight bla bla. If you have read it, who does not pass it on, it will disappear soon.

Therefore, we should give them the opportunity to learn more about the world of the Internet rather than dissuade them. Which if we see any information that is not true We then seek out creative designs, such as finding the truth about them and sending them back into chat for you to read. Or you can leave articles on how to check various fraudulent news that are now common as well.

Because at least the fact that adults have used the internet can help them get over their loneliness. And it is easier for you to communicate with old friends than in the past. Saw grandchildren's face Is to help the mind of the elderly to be more or less rejuvenated, to let it know

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Re: Why do elders believe fake information online?

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