Topic: "Chinese New Year greetings, good meaning" suitable for greeting all

Chinese New Year is one of the most important Chinese festivals. Considered as the New Year's Day according to the Chinese calendar    SLOT   (Similar to the Songkran Day of Thailand), all Chinese people pay great attention to this day. Traces of tradition The ritual of the history of the Chinese New Year. It has been around for over a century (100 years), in fact, very long. Until unable to go back and see when the celebration started

So we want to bring Chinese New Year greetings, good meanings for your friends to use. To bless each other In order to strengthen the prosperity of good days Like this

Chinese New Year greetings, good meaning
zhu fu nin he nin de jia ren xing fu ru yi
Wishing you and your family the happiness that you desire.
gong he xin nian
Happy New Year / Blessings on New Year's Day
gonghe xin xi, zhu shen ti jian kang, shiye fada
Happy new year Prosperity work
gong he xin xi, wan shi ru yi
Happy New Year, May ten thousand stories meet
gong zhu jian kang. xing yun, xin nian kuai le
Good luck, happy new year
zhu lai nian hao yun, bing qu de geng da de cheng jiu
Good luck and great success in the coming years.
jin zhu xin nian kuai le xing fu, da ji da li
May the new year be a happy and auspicious
xin nian hao
Happy new year
xin nian kuai le
Happy new year
wan shi ru yi
shen ti jian kang
gong xi fa cai
Wish you rich
xin xiang shi cheng
Think whatever is as expected
gong zhuo shun li
Please run smoothly
quan jia xing fu
Warm family
gong xi fa cai
Wish you rich
cai yuan guang jin
Money flowed
zhao cai jìn bao
Money flowed
nian nian you yu
Every year there is a left to eat.
shi shi shun li
Everything is smooth
yu man tang
yi brn wan li
Huge profit
da ji da li
Trade profit
nian nian fa cai
Dance forever every year
long ma jing shen
ji xiang ru yi
hao yun nian nian
Good luck forever every year
si ji ping an
Smooth and safe all year round
yi fan feng shun
Everything is smooth

Re: "Chinese New Year greetings, good meaning" suitable for greeting all

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