Topic: Beware of "sun flu", a disease that comes with the hot sun       

In the midst of the air penetrating 40 degrees Celsius in our house Risk of disease that comes with the hot sun There are many diseases such as heat stroke, but there are also other familiar names. But it may not be what you think it is "sun flu".

How common is the sun flu?

The sun flu is a disease caused by the body being exposed to influenza. Coupled with having to face extreme heat or temperature changes Body adaptation With bad weather Causing the body to accumulate heat inside And with the climate of Thailand that is tropical and humid So germs can live longer.

Causes of sun flu

Dr. Suwanchai, M.D. Wattana Yingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Disease Control provided information that the illness from hot weather It is a crisis in which the body is unable to adjust or control the level of heat in the body. It is caused by 4 environmental factors which are

1. the temperature of the hot air
2. Higher air relative humidity
3. Being outdoors or in a location that may be exposed to radiation.
4. Conditions with little wind or ventilation

Sun flu risk groups

This sun flu can happen to all genders and ages. But they are often found in these groups.

- People who work or do activities in the sun such as farmers and athletes
- Children under 5 years old and the elderly
- People with underlying diseases such as high blood pressure, obese people.
- Those who are not getting enough rest
- People who drink alcoholic beverages
- People who have to go in and out often Between places with air conditioning And the weather outside is very hot

Symptoms of the sun flu

1. Low fever (up to 40 degrees Celsius)
2. Dizziness, headache
3. Worry
4. Weakness, lack of strength.
5. Dry mouth, dry throat, burning throat
6. Upset stomach, diarrhea
7. Nausea and Vomiting
8. I can't sleep

The difference between flu vs sun flu

Many times people with cold are confused between the sun flu and the flu because the symptoms are quite similar. But in fact The flu has a stuffy nose, a runny nose, sore throat, and phlegm, while the sun flu is less likely to have a runny nose. Or have a little clear mucus and no sore throat But will feel bitter, dry and stinging in the throat instead

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Re: Beware of "sun flu", a disease that comes with the hot sun

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Re: Beware of "sun flu", a disease that comes with the hot sun

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