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Do you know that green tea is very beneficial for your skin and hair? Because of the green tea that we commonly consume today In addition to coming with a delicious taste and then Can also be used to enhance the beauty of the body as well Especially with hair and skin However, green tea can help nourish the skin and hair in any way. Let's go follow along together.

1. Revitalize damaged skin from the sun.
Green tea can be used to restore damaged skin. Dull skin Dryness from the sun as well. Because of the polyphenols in green tea Can soothe and heal the skin from inflammation after exposure to sunlight. The method of use is to brew green tea and put it in the refrigerator. Then when the evening was at it Use a clean cloth moistened with green tea to wipe the darkened skin. After that, you will definitely see a change in your skin for the better.

2. Accelerate the rate of hair growth.
For girls who have long hair. Try to bring green tea water mixed with shampoo. Then regularly pool 2-3 times a week Will help new hair grow faster than before Also, your hair will be strong. And even more shiny as well

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3. Reduce puffy eyes
Bring a bag of green tea that has been drunk. Soak in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, then place it on the eyelids. Leaving it on for 15 minutes can help reduce puffiness and bruised eyes. The properties of green tea will help shrink the blood vessels in the sensitive skin around the eyes. This method can be repeated as often as needed until symptoms improve.

4. Add moisture to the skin.
Green tea can also be used as a hydrating aid to your face and body. Just put 2 cups of green tea in the refrigerator. When the place is cool, add your favorite essential oil and place it in a spray bottle. That's it, you will be able to bring a fragrant green tea. Can be sprayed to add freshness during the day as needed

Apparently Green tea in addition to being a drink menu that people around the world like to drink. Can also be used to nourish hair and skin as well. With many properties Thus making green tea a must-have item that you must have at home. Because it can be used to nourish all problems, you will definitely find better skin and hair health.

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