Topic: Second City Quest & Player starting allocation

I know i touched on this in game but figured id post it here to save people asking questions.
What the game needs is a quest line to getting their second city one which can be acquired from not using Icoins but also restricts the city location to 1-5 city spots from the players currently occupied city.

This would stop players from getting to the point of getting the new city and then occupying a city too far from their home city. if they want to expand outwith their own area of influence

On that note there should be a way of limiting the distances between players first home city and future cities and a feature that does not automatically allow the occupation of the iceland region at the start of the game when players choose the location of their first base.

If anything Id say remaking iceland all together to prevent players from making a base in the iceland area and turn every city in iceland into a GSA outpost/fortress

Re: Second City Quest & Player starting allocation

Hello, both issues are in our minds. We would like to offer to players a possibility to get 2nd city as a reward for some advanced mission. Also we would like to make Superfortress to stand on an artificial atol or maybe we can forbid to occupy Iceland's cities, but in any case we need to discuss this topic little more deeply.

Re: Second City Quest & Player starting allocation

if anything making iceland and isolated island controlled by GSA only with all the cities there GSA fortresses will make the game more of a challenge and making the winning condition from taking one fortress to taking the whole island or control 75% of cities and fortress so more of a domination game rather than a sudden death game

Re: Second City Quest & Player starting allocation

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