Topic: No players to occupy Iceland

This is probably going to be a hot topic late game but needs to be addressed while there is only 3 servers...

Iceland, The goal, the game ender...

This island should not be occupied by any player.

Reason is being able to buy a city in iceland gives that player &/ alliance an unfair advantage when staging assaults thus giving players the whole "pay 2 win" argument valid.

A suggestion would be to replace the cities with fortresses/camps (whatever will be less consuming on database/server etc) this mean that iceland becomes an non player hot zone that will #rekt alliances that try to go for gold.

I strongly suggest that a revised map  be used  to reflect this also this can allow the "farms" to be redistributed to the mainlands of Europe.

That said nothing can be done about current worlds but maybe in future worlds this should be implimented

Re: No players to occupy Iceland

Hello, no worries we got a plan have to get rid of the current situation. You will be able to enjoy it soon wink

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Re: No players to occupy Iceland

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