Topic: Lokai’s National Geographic Photo Ark Bracelet Collection is Wild and

Lokai’s National Geographic Photo Ark Bracelet Collection is Wild and Whimsical

Since launching Barely Necessities: The Disney Merchandise show for Laughing Place last November, I’ve spent more time than I ever thought I would browsing and writing about Disney merchandise. With new collections and limited edition items dropping on a daily basis, I’ve had the opportunity to explore so many different products and brands that I’ve come to love — the most recent being Lokai bracelets.To get more news about photo bracelet, you can visit official website.

Lokai is no stranger to Disney brands and guests can currently shop collections featuring Disney Princesses, Marvel characters, Star Wars designs and now National Geographic. Just a few weeks ago, they introduced a collection of bracelets inspired by and themed to National Geographic’s Photo Ark book series. The collection features six bracelets with individual patterns mimicking the markings on animals pictured in the Photo Ark.

This group includes the African Cheetah, Bengal Tiger, Monarch Butterfly, Peacock, Poison Frog and Zebra. The unisex bracelets are available in four sizes and sell for $22 each. Guests can also purchase a three bracelet stack: cheetah, tiger and zebra or butterfly, peacock and frog for $60.

National Geographic reached out to us about the collection and offered a sample to which I quickly said yes. I was expecting to receive one randomly select bracelet, so you can imagine my surprise when the package arrived with not one, but all six designs! The bracelets arrived in a box a little bigger than the size of a CD case and each was attached to its own cardstock display card.

From looking at this and previous Lokai collections, I assumed the beads would be hard like bangle bracelets, but that’s definitely not the case. The beads are made of silicone, allowing them to be soft, stretchy, and flexible. This also makes them easy to put on and take off. Unlike some bracelets where the beads are connected by elastic or tread, Lokai’s designs don’t have that separation and won’t catch or pinch your arm hair. I also love that they’re durable and not delicate the way other bracelets might be. I’m not worried that they’ll scratch, chip or break and feel that they’ll stay in great condition wherever my travels take me.

Along with looking beautiful, the bracelets are comfortable to wear. They have a nice weight to them (and by that I mean you’ll know you're wearing them) but they’re not bulky or obnoxious. I put all six on one wrist and it wasn’t a problem, although I personally wouldn’t wear that many at once. The optimal arrangement for me is two or three bracelets per wrist, and with this collection there are plenty of ways to mix and match to compliment your wardrobe or personal style.

Another element that makes these unique are the signature white and black beads that feature the company’s logo. The white bead is infused with water from Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, while the black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. Lokai’s bracelets encourage customers to find balance by remaining humble when they're on top and staying hopeful when they’re at a low point.

In general, Lokai bracelets are a great conversation starter based on their design and speciality beads, and the National Geographic Photo Ark collection only enhances the appeal. This series of bracelets also feature the iconic yellow frame National Geographic logo on two beads. Additionally, Lokai donates 10% of sales of their bracelet to their charity partners, so each purchase from this collection benefits the National Geographic Society.
So now that I’ve had the chance to review the collection, I’ll say the Lokai bracelets are not something I would have initially sought out and purchased for myself, but would have loved to receive as a gift. Of course they’re great for adults, but I think they’re also perfect for tweens and teens who might be getting into jewelry or are passionate about animals and science and want to find a fun way to express themselves.

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Re: Lokai’s National Geographic Photo Ark Bracelet Collection is Wild and

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Re: Lokai’s National Geographic Photo Ark Bracelet Collection is Wild and

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