Topic: Work-Life Balance Solutions for working people   

Work-Life Balance is a familiar term that many people hear often. And you might wonder what it is. Work-Life Balance is a concept that talks about balancing work and personal life to reduce the impact of overwork. which may be useful for the new generation Both full-time and freelance

Although the dedication to the work is good and admirable. But a lack of work-life balance can lead to health and relationship problems. People who are serious about their work or work all the time may be at risk of life imbalances on both sides. This article will help check if you are missing work-life balance, and how Work-Life Balance works.

What kind of life should be adjusted Work-Life Balance?
Work-Life Balance may help many people enjoy life more. Constantly working hard can have an impact in many ways. If you find yourself experiencing any of the following symptoms or behaviors, it may be time to strike a balance between work and personal life.

Feeling tired, exhausted, often sick, insomnia, and not getting enough rest
Constantly feeling pressured and stressed both from work and from oneself
Bring work home to do regularly or have to work until late at night all the time.
have relationship problems Whether it's family, lovers or friends.
Frequent smoking or drinking alcohol to relax and tends to be heavier
In addition, a number of studies have indicated that Workaholics are at higher risk of chronic disease than other groups. especially heart disease and stroke And this group of people tend to have quite high expectations of their own performance. therefore often feel stressed and pressured When the response is not as expected, there is often a feeling of failure. lack of self-confidence and other negative emotions, which can lead to mood disorders, such as anxiety disorders and Burnout Syndrome, or feelings of powerlessness at work.

In addition, a helper to relax Alcohol and tobacco, for example, can damage your physical and mental health in the long run. Therefore, if these effects or signs are found, it is imperative to think about balancing both aspects of life in parallel.

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