Complete Revolution2 changelog:

Templates of cities
You will be able to choose from five different templates:
Ruins - Empty space, where you have to build all the buildings by yourself.
Village - Village with basic economics, ready for easier and faster development.
Town    - Economically developed town with a basic military infrastructure.
Metropolis    - Economically very advanced metropolis with a solid military infrastructure.
Megalopolis - Megalopolis with highly developed economy and military infrastructure.
Prices of the cities will be reduced over the time of the duration of the world.
Metropolis and Megalopolis will not be available until October 25, respectively November 22.

Better economy
Up to 100 buildings in the construction queue! (only with premium)
Capacity of all warehouses for materials +50%(except Beryllium Warehouse)
Price of construction of Airport -40%
Level up time of Fuel Storage Tank -50%
Level up time of Power Station, Housing and Food Production -20%
Default time for sending convoys -50%

Different battle strategy
Bonus of additional damage derived from predominance for fortified units is canceled.
New parameters to calculate the bonus of additional damage derived from predominance, which generally reinforce the short-range units and weaken Walkers, Turrets and Turrets of GSA Camps.
If the players will conquer Superfortress, then GSA will regularly undertake counterattacks.

Units repair
You might think that this is not a new feature, but to build cities and to gain experiences for your commanders in the world, where there is a possibility to repair units from the very first day is a significant change for your strategy.