Topic: 2 ton wire rope hoist used in construction sites in Sri Lanka

We have many customers from Sri Lanka who have diverse needs for cranes. Recently, we met a customer from Sri Lanka. He is a local construction company and is looking for suitable lifting equipment for a construction site. They have purchased several lifting equipment, but none are particularly suitable. According to the customer’s description, they need a lifting device that can lift bricks and tiles. Since the tiles are imported materials, the reliability of the lifting device is very high.

We finally recommended a 2 ton single speed electric wire rope hoist to our customers. Besides, according to his working condition, we equipped this wire rope hoist with a travelling mono beam which has greatly improved the tile handling efficiency.

Parameters of Sri Lanka 2 Ton Wire Rope Hoist
Lifting weight: 2 tons
Lifting height: 9 meters
Voltage: 380/50/3

2 ton wire rope hoist for sale to sri-lanka

Through this case, we learned that when customers buy lifting equipment, they often buy inappropriate equipment because they don’t understand the market or some other mistakes. Here we remind customers who need to buy crane equipment that communication is the best way to reduce mistakes. We can win the trust of many customers in Sri Lanka, largely because we have been taking a serious and responsible attitude to customers and providing professional advice. As well as meticulous communication, we also hope that customers can describe in detail what kind of equipment and working environment are needed when negotiating with us to purchase crane equipment
2 ton wire rope hoist used in construction sites in Sri Lanka