Topic: Jib Crane Supplier: Motorized Column Mounted Jib Crane for Sale

Dongqi Cranes can provide wall mounted jib cranes, column mounted jib cranes and movable jib cranes for your application.
The column jib crane also called pillar jib crane, pillar mounted jib crane, floor mounted jib crane.
Due to its infinite slewing range and its capacity of up to 16,000 kg, you can use it in almost any workplace, e.g. for feeding of machine tools, in warehouses, power plants, steel works, machine houses, or sewage treatment plants.
Jib crane machine are available either with a base plate for floor mounting or without a base for mounting the pillar directly into a concrete foundation .
Column mounted jib crane for sale design drawing
Column mounted jib crane for sale to Côte d'Ivoire:
Product: Pillar-mounted slewing jib crane
Capacity: 2 ton
Valid radius: 5.4m
Lifting height: 4m
Hoisting speed: 8m/min
Turning speed: 0.5r/min
Traveling speed: 20m/min
Rotation angle: 270°
Power supply: 380V/50Hz/3 Phase   
Installation location: Indoor
Slewing: Motorized rotating
Control mode: Pendent control
Hoist: CD type wire rope hoist
2 ton pillar jib crane with wire rope hoist
2 ton Pillar-mounted slewing jib crane production-1
Product highlights - Why choose Dongqi jib cranes:
Infinite slewing by 360° thanks to power supply by slip-ring assembly.
Supports ergonomic operation while reducing strain on workers.
Large operating range thanks to generous swivel angle.
Adjustable travel path thanks to variable end stops.
Compact design, perfectly suited for small rooms. Also outdoor use possible.
Column height and jib arm length can be adjusted to conditions on the spot.
Large effective lifting height.
Outstanding low friction operation thanks to low moving mass.
High speed operation and positioning accuracy.
High quality wear resistant components.
Comfortable and smooth slewing possible by means of electrical slewing gear.
Broad range of fastening options provides for convenient installation.
High-quality coating.
Jib Crane Supplier: Motorized Column Mounted Jib Crane for Sale