Topic: Fixed wire rope hoist used on Philippine ships

Customers in the Philippines have a relatively large demand for electric hoists. Recently we completed an order for wire rope electric hoists from the Philippines. The customer said that they need more than a dozen electric hoists, which will be used on ships, and each ship will install two electric hoists. Out of prudent consideration, after communicating all the conditions and problems with us, they decided to order 4 electric wire rope hoists for the two ships first.

Philippines fixed wire rope hoist parameters
Type: CD electric hoist
Country: Philippine
Lifting capacity: 3 ton
Lifting height: 12m
Lifting speed: 8 m/min
Lifting Motor: 4.5 KW
Quantity: 2 sets
Voltage: AC 3Ph 220V 60HZ

3-ton-fixed-wire-rope-hoist-for-sale Philippines

How to determine that the electric hoist purchased is suitable
In this case, despite a long time of communication, the customer still chooses to purchase samples before deciding whether to purchase on a large scale. So, when other customers buy electric hoists or other lifting equipment, how should they ensure that they can purchase suitable lifting equipment? In our opinion, the method is actually very simple, through effective communication to complete mutual understanding, through detailed description of requirements and working environment to provide a reference for the design of lifting equipment. Our experienced engineers will send the design drawings to the customer for confirmation after the design is completed, and factory production will be arranged after the confirmation is correct. According to this process, most of the time, we will make a satisfactory product for the customer.

Fixed wire rope hoist used on Philippine ships