Topic: Overhead crane & gantry cranes for Uzbekistan industries & factories

Overhead crane for sale Uzbekistan. Overhead crane, gantry crane, jib cranes for Uzbekistan various industries, such as, construction industry, jib crane components & jib crane parts manufacturing industries, concrete precast factory ( for precast beam and precast plate handling), drainage pipe fabrication factory, steel factory and die molding factory, and other industries including mining , textile industries, and others, etc.

Types of overhead cranes for sale Uzbekistan
Single girder overhead crane solution
Single girder overhead crane Uzbekistan
Crane capacity: Top running design up to 32 ton, underhung design 0.25 -20 ton.    Double girder overhead crane solution
Double girder trolley / winch overhead crane Uzbekistan
Crane capacity: 5 ton -550 ton .    European standard FEM crane solutionEuropean standard fem crane Uzbekistan
Crane capacity: 0.25 – 550 ton. European design, cheaper china crane price. CE crane.    Overhead crane hoisting equipmentHoist, winch & trolley Uzbekistan
Crane Lifting system : Electric hoist 0.25 – 80 ton, winch trolley hoist up to 550 ton
Steel industries
Process crane for steel industriesincludes tundish crane, slab crane, scrap crane, ladle crane, billet crane, coil and plate handling crane, etc. Types of process overhead cranes for steel handling.
When it comes to process crane for the industry, technology provides an advantage. Therefore, Dongqi process cranes for the steel industry are combined our intelligent lifting solutions with advanced technologies that do away with your regular maintenance challenges. In addition, our flexible service programs improve your overall productivity.

Steel industrial crane:Coil handling crane

Steel industrial crane:Coil handling crane

Steel industrial cranes types
For steel industies, Besides general used overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, Dongqi Crane offers special designed industrial crane for steel industry, which includes the following steel industrial crane types:

Tundish crane,Slab crane,Scrap crane,Ladle crane,Billet and ingot handling industrial crane,Coil handling industrial crane,5 -74 ton Charging crane , 20 -600 ton foundry crane ,Carrier beam crane,etc. Custom designed steel industrial cranes are also avaialable.

Lifting devices and tools for steel industrial cranes
For different types of steel materials handling, Dongqi Crane as a professional industrial crane manufacturer offers the following steel handling devices and tools for material handling insteel industries, such as:

Types of devices for general material handling :Crane hook,
Steel coil and steel roll handling devices and tools:Crane c hook ,Roll lifter,Lifting tongs
Ladle handling devices and tools:Ladle hook
For stell sheet, plate, slab, coil, roll , pipe handling:Sheet lifter & plate lifter,Crane electromagnet,Round electromagnet,Carrier beam,Permanent lifting magne
For steel scraps handling : Grab bucket
Rubber and plastics industries
Rubber and plastic industrial craneis for rubber and plastics industries from Dongqi Hoist and Crane, your industrial crane manufacturer.Industrial crane for precise and efficient material handling for rubber and plastic industries. Dongqi industrial cranes and industrial electric hoists for sale at good price. Check Dongqi industrial crane cases and learn the crane manufacturer.

Overhead crane & gantry cranes for Uzbekistan industries & factories