Topic: Electric control equipment for electric hoist

The normal working conditions of electric hoist electric control equipment: the quality of the power supply grid is qualified, the incoming voltage fluctuation range does not exceed ±10% of the rated voltage; the vertical installation, the inclination does not exceed 5°, the installation is firm, and it will not happen during the operation of the host Relative to the horizontal movement and vertical movement of the host. The following editor introduces the electric control equipment of the electric hoist:

The composition of the electric equipment transmission control plan includes the following necessary protection links: emergency power-off device, limit protection, voltage loss protection, and the contactor that controls the forward and reverse rotation of the motor should have electrical interlocking and mechanical interlocking. Mechanical interlocking is also added to the button when necessary.

The surface of the housing of the electric control equipment and the stopper should be smooth, and there should be no obvious burrs, cracks, etc. at the edges. If the shell needs to be painted, the color of the surface after painting should be uniform, firmly attached, and there should be no wrinkles, flow marks, bubbles, etc.

Electric control equipment and stoppers attach importance to the surface of all ferrous metal components, accessories, fasteners, etc., should be protected against rust.

The selected components and devices of the electronic control equipment shall meet the requirements of the respective product standards, and their rated voltage, rated current, service life, making and breaking capacity, short-circuit strength performance, etc. shall meet the relevant requirements of this standard and product drawings.

Electric control equipment for electric hoist