Topic: Denmark green light Human trial of "inhaled" COVID-19 treatment

The treatment wasSLOTXOdeveloped by Enjoy the spinning slots. You don't need to download up to 100,000 slotxoth free credits or install the application from the 10th digit on the first statement. Visit the 168 slotxo website page in service mode. Try Slots Now you can spin over 200 fun slots in both old and new games.  Danish researchers. It was based on the idea of Thomas Byanshalt, a professor at the hospital's Department of Clinical Microbiology.

Byancholt released a statement that the above treatment was "Inhaling a weak acid solution helps the immune system fight respiratory infections caused by bacteria or viruses," initially aimed at treating COVID-19 patients. hospitalized and hope to be able “Change the way in treating other types of respiratory infections as well.”

"It should also be able to fight other types of infections, such as pneumonia, influenza and tuberculosis, all three of which kill millions of people around the world every year," Byanshalt said.

Patents for this therapeutic technology are held by Norwegian company SoftOx Solutions. The authors, who collaborated in the research after serving as the allocator of an acid-resistant solution for wound healing in a previous study.

Byancholt stated that “Covid-19 treatment concept This inhaled form comes from our previous research into the wound-fighting ability of acidic solutions. It is the same concept that has been refined and adapted as an inhalation therapy for fighting respiratory infections.”

The Danish Serum Institute (SSI) reported 564 new cases of COVID-19 and three deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 364,464 cases and 2,671 deaths. A total of 4,462,629 people, or 76.1%, have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the proportion of people who receive the full dose is 74.8 percent.