Topic: The 2 ton jib crane is sold from China to India for warehouse handling

Driven by many factors, including active government policies, the international trade environment, and the possibility that India may become one of the world’s top manufacturing centers, the development of logistics and warehousing in India will surely become a strong support pillar for the country’s economic growth. India is a very important source country for our customers, and with the development of the warehousing industry, the demand for cranes from Indian customers will be higher and higher. The case I want to share today is a customer from Mumbai, India, who customized three 2 ton jib cranes from us.

Application of jib crane in Indian warehouse
Jib crane as one type of the warehouse crane system is widely used in various factories, warehouses, workstations, etc. Due to simple structure, easy operation, and economical jib crane price.

Warehouse crane system- Dongqi types of jib cranes presented, inculding pillar jib crane, wall tralling jib crane, wall mounted jib crane

BB Wall-travelling Jib Crane: The wall travelling jib crane can increase your plant productivity by quickly moving small loads in long lateral movement without taking up floor space.
BZ Pillar Jib Crane: The pillar jib crane also called free-standing crane is widely used indoors and outdoors. The pillar jib crane provides higher capacities, longer spans, and greater rotations than wall mounted jib crane.
BX Wall Mounted Jib Crane: The wall mounted jib cranes do not take any floor space and do not need special foundations. The cantilever is fixed on the wall or concrete post, and the rotation can be customized. The jib cranes are widely used in workshop, storage and ports, etc.
2 ton jib crane in crane factory in China
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2 ton jib crane for sale India

The 2 ton jib crane is sold from China to India for warehouse handling