Topic: Large Capacity 15 Ton Three Phase Electric Chain Hoist for Sale

Dongqi crane machine large capacity three phase electric chain hoists are equipped with the latest technology, all chain hoists include a low headroom, lightweight body with a fan-cooled motor, standard thermal motor protection.

Large Capacity Electric Chain Hoist:
1 ton to 50 ton capacity.
Super quality load chain, recognized by German DIN / GS.
Standard Emergency stop button on pendant control.
Reliable double-action electrical limit switch.
High precision mechanical brake.
Highly durable load chain.
Unique chain guide.
Tough, enduring motor.
Elector-magnetic brake with low power consumption.
Control switch voltage set at 24V for safety.
We can customize this hoist to your specific needs. Contact us to find out how.
15 Ton Three Phase Electric Chain Hoist for Sale
15 Ton Electric Chain Hoist for Your Choice!
Limit Switches: Low-profile upper and lower limit switches are standard.
Extended Chain Life: Decreased chain wear as a result of a revolutionary heat treatment process, improved material and chain size.
Contactors: Mechanically interlocked, heavy duty contactors on single speed models.
High Air Flow: Cooler motor and brake attributed to an engineered motor fin, fan blade and fan cover design.
Unique Load Sheave: Increased number of pockets reduce chain vibration and increase chain life.
Friction Clutch and Load Brake: Friction clutch is standard on NER/ER models and friction clutch with mechanical load brake standard on ER models.
High Strength, Corrosion and Wear Resistant Load Chain: Grade 80, super strength, nickel plated load chain, certified to DIN standards, uses unique technology to greatly increase resistance to fatigue and wear.
Pendant Controls: Ergonomic design for operator comfort. Red button emergency stop is standard on all 2-button dual speed pendants.
Usage: Gantry Crane, Bridge Crane, Lifting Platform, Workshop, Construction Building, etc.
Electric Chain Hoist with Geared Trolley:
Geared Trolleys are versatile and durable and are the economical choice for adding mobility to our hoists.
They are an excellent option when accurate load spotting is a must.
Designed with light weight robust construction, minimal maintenance, and simplified part replacement.
Match the needs of any job with a variety of trolley hoist suspenders.
large capacity electric chain hoist with trolley
Electric Chain Hoist with Pulled Trolley:
Adjustable to fit standard or wide flange I-beam tracks, this beam trolley allows you to move with a simple push!
The dual wheels are designed for a straight or tapered beam track and work on both straight and curved tracks.
The contoured wheels ensure reliable tracking, and sealed ball bearings avoid maintenance hassles and provide smooth operation.
Featuring a durable powder coat finish and pre-lubricated sealed bearings to withstand heavy use, this beam trolley is an ideal material handling tool for warehouses, garages and other industrial areas.
How to Maintain Electric Chain Hoist:
When the operation is up to 500 hours, please check whether the amount of lubricant in the electric chain hoist gearbox is sufficient.
Check the lubricating oil regularly every three months after the first check if it is insufficient.
When using the electric chain hoist outdoors, rainproof equipment should be installed.
Always keep the electric chain hoist parts dry.
When the operation is finished, please drive the hoist away from the wet area, high temperature area or chemical area to maintain its performance.
Maintenance of the chain. Lubricating the chain with oil and  remove the foreign objects in the chain and the limit guide group regularly to ensure smooth running of the chain.
When the chain hoist is not used for a long time, it should be rust-proofed, cleaned and maintained, and run up and down for 1-3 minutes to maintain its performance.
Large Capacity 15 Ton Three Phase Electric Chain Hoist for Sale