Topic: 10 ton workshop overhead crane for concrete workshop

Dongqi Crane 10 ton workshop overhead crane has been installed in customer’s concrete workshop. Dongqi Crane offers types of workshop cranes and workshop overhead cranes. Dongqi workshop crane for sale at good price. Check now.

Workshop crane
There are types of workshop cranes, such as workshop jib crane, workshop overhead crane, workshop gantry crane, workshop freestanding crane, ceiling mounted workshop crane, wall mounted workshop crane, etc.

Workshop jib crane
Workshop crane - Wall mounted jib crane

Workshop crane – Wall mounted jib crane

Workshop cranes are the optimal lifting equipment for short transfer applications. Dongqi Crane can provide you the wall travelling jib crane, pillar jib crane and wall mounted jib crane, etc.
Dongqi workshop crane  can lift and transport materials in semi circles or full circles around their support structures to provide localized material handling in work cells, to supplement a large overhead crane system, to transfer materials from one work cell to another, and to lift a line load up to the rated capacity safely.

Main classification of workshop jib crane
Types of quality workshop cranes with various tonnages are available which can meet your lifting requirements.Generally, workshop cranes can be divided into free standing jib crane, wall mounted jib cranes, wall traveling jib cranes, etc. More on jib crane design and jib crane design pictures, please contact us.

BB Wall-travelling Jib Crane Lifting capacity: o.5-16t, Lifting height: 6-30m, Working class: A3.
BZ Pillar Jib Crane Lifting capacity: o.5-5t, Lifting height: 1-10m, Working class: A3.
BX Wall Mounted Jib Crane Lifting capacity: o.25-1t, Lifting height: 1-10m, Working class: A3.
Jib workshop Crane Applications
1. The general applications scope and conditions of shop crane is as follow:

Ambient temperature: -25℃ to + 40 ℃;
Humidity ≤85%;
Elevation below 1000m;
Power is 3-PH, 380V, 50 HZ (The customized is available.)
2. The workshop cranes from DQCRANES are widely used in the following applications:

Workshop jib cranes are widely used in workstations, storage, yard and other fixed or localized places, etc.
Workshop jib cranes are the choices for material handlings in short-distance or serried places, such as, transferring materials from one work cell to another.
Workshop jib cranes can be used to supplement a large overhead crane for material handling.
Workshop jib cranes can be used for suspension of tools
Workshop jib cranes also can be used for economical outdoor applications.
Workshop jib cranes are not allowed to be used in dangerous applications such as inflammable, explosive, and corrosive working environments, etc.
Main features of workshop jib crane
Shop crane generally has the following features:

As a newly developed material handling equipment, jib cranes can be used freely in three dimensional space.
workshop cranes are designed with special structure, high safety and reliability, high efficiency, which can save your energy and time.
Shop crane covers small working area, and is easy to operate and maintain, rotary flexible, economic and durable.
Standards applied in DQCRANES Series of standards and regulations are applied during the whole production process of workshop cranes from design to production, etc. The main standards and regulations are Crane Design Standards, Crane Machinery Safety Procedures, Crane Test Specification and Procedures, and Jib Cranes, etc.
Workshop overhead crane
Aworkshop overhead crane refers to a system of overhead crane designed to use in non-industrial applications, such as the garage, pole barn, workshop and man cave, etc. The Shop crane can help material handling with a higher efficiency and higher safety, increases the work effectively and productivity.
Aworkshop overhead crane is consisted of two parallel steel runways to guide a steel bridge on your work place. It is flexible and adjustable to adapt many types’ garages. Besides, based on your particular requirements, Dongqi is able to provide custom workshop overhead crane for your application.

Workshop overhead crane

Smart features of workshop overhead crane
The workshop overhead crane is rigid and has stable steel structure with features of High quality and low production cost.
The overhead srane has outstanding appearance and reasonable design.
The smooth start and stop enables the Shop crane has the better performances.
Theworkshop overhead crane can be installed easily and with lower maintenance.
Theworkshop overhead crane has high adapted to various applications.
10 ton workshop overhead crane for concrete workshop