Topic: 5 Ton Double Speed Wire Rope Hoist for Sale to Australia

5 ton MD electric hoist for sale:
Dongqi crane machine 10 ton double speed wire rope electric hoist is installed in single girder overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane and other small lifting mechanism as material handling equipment. Double speed electric hoist is generally used in factories, mines, railways, ports and warehouses.
Double speed electric hoist for sale:
Lifting capacity: 5 ton
Lifting height: 6m
Hoisting speed: 0.8/8 m/min
Traveling speed: 20 m/min
Power supply: 415V/50Hz/3 Phase
Importing country: Australia
5 ton double speed electric hoist for sale
Why choose Dongqi double speed electric hoist:
Roller: The roller is made of high-quality seamless pipes and transmits power through spline. Its case is made of welded steel plate. This is the core part of the hoist.
Hook: The hook is forged and connected to the pulley assembly through thrust ball bearing, so the hook can rotate freely. Hooks no more than 5 ton lifting capacity are of single-pulley style and above 10 ton is double-pulley style.
Wire rope: Adopts high strength wire rope with tensile strength of 1770 Mpa, good safety performance and long service life.
Rope guide: Standard rope guide is made of Q235b steel.
Lifting motor: The lifting motor of double speed electric hoist is a bigger moment motor of taper rotor, with asynchronous braking, thus the extra braking is needed. The motor loading lasting rate is 25%, ensuring high safety. The lifting motor of double speed hoist has the B or F grade insulation and the safety class of IP44/ P154.
Lifting Speed Reducer:
The lifting speed reducer of double speed hoist adopts Class 3 dead axle bevel wheel, with a long working life. The gear is made of heated alloy steel with high intension.
Tank body and tank cover of the reducer are made of best cast iron, strictly assembled and sealed well. The reducer is a separate device, which is convenient to be installed and uninstalled.
The lifting speed reducer has a very high efficiency and high reliability during moving.
Electrical Equipment:
The electrical mechanism consists of electric control box, limiter, button switch, connecting wire etc.
According to the marked direction on the button switch, press the button correctly and control the hoist through the on-and-off of the relay in the control box. The operating voltage is usually 36V.
Safety Protection:
The accurate gear drive limiter is used as upper and lower limit, which can reliably cut off power circuit if hook moves to the upper or lower limit so as to stop the motor.
Overload protector: the electric wire rope hoist is using electronic overload protector, so that the total lifting weight will not exceed the rated lifting weight.
If the pulling force of steel rope is more than 105% of the rated capacity, the overload protector device would automatic cut off lifting loop.
Emergency stop protection.
Over-heat protection of hoisting motor.
Over-current protection.
Phase protection.
Voltage lower protection.
5 ton double speed wire rope hoist design
Control Way:
Pendent line control.
36V control voltage safety for human being.
Easy to control, no additional driver necessary, operate following the travelling of hoist.
Double step button with emergency to achieve safety stop.
Connected with the electric trolley suspended under trolley.
How to extend service life of wire rope:
Wire rope is an important part of the lifting mechanism, so is necessary to maintain wire ropes well.
Wire rope should be protected from damage and corrosion caused by physical and chemical factors.
When the rope rolls and disentangles, avoiding knotting and twisting.
When the ropes are cut off, measures should be taken to prevent rope strands from loose.
Good lubrication for wire rope is necessary. The lubricant should meet the wire rope standard.
Daily check the wire rope, including the fixed connection of end parts, wire rope of balance wheel and safety judgment.
MD type electric hoist price:
Dongqi can also provide customized service to offer you most suitable design and best solution, please confirm following information when you send inquiry.
Lifting capacity.
Lifting height: (Hook center to ground)
Power supply: Voltage.
Working condition: What materials to be lifted?
Any special request.
5 Ton Double Speed Wire Rope Hoist for Sale to Australia