Topic: 45 ton electric hoist for Philippine boiler handling

Generally, the high lift capacity electric hoist is used on double girder overhead crane or gantry crane. However, the following case from DQCRANES, the  Chinese material handling expert, is very special. In order to give you some inspiration or idea to your material handling solution, DQCRANES is here to share with you who has the similar working conditions and lifting requirements with the Philippine client.

Client Requirements for electric hoist
This case is from a Philippine client, M&J Fabrication & Installation company, which is one of Dongqi’ regular clients This time they need Dongqi to provide a material handling solution to their boiler project in Philippines. The Philippine client wants to lift a boiler steam drum from ground to the ceiling beam, which is a double truss beams. And the distance between truss beam is only 5m width. Client wants the lift height to be 30m, the drum weight be about 50ton, length be around 14m and however the lifting drum needs not to move too much.


Boiler steam drum lifting solution diagram

Solution for 45 ton electric hoist
In order to lift the drum stably, the ideal idea is to overlap two H-beam on both sides of the truss beams, with two electric hoists hanging under two H-beams. The lifting hook together with the lifting belt takes drum bottom and lifts it up. During the whole lifting process, the H-beam is very important to support the hoist and load weight.


Dongqi engineer calculated and adpoted the H-beam: H800xW300mm, considering the bearing, bottom plate is 40mm thickness, much thicker than the top plate 26mm.


Dongqi settles down to use two 45T electric hoists to lift the drum. Two 30T hoists are enough on theory, but considering safety, client prefers to use two 45T electric hoists. The electric hoist drawing is like this:


Electric hoist drawing for Dongqi’ client

The hoist length is more than 4m, the H beam is only 5m, so it moves a very little space. , which is suitable for required working condition. The finished product seems very big, everything is big, wire drum, hook, pulley, motors.


Dongqi Electric Hoist


Package& Delivery
In order to protect the electric hoists from damage, plywood boxed is used. This two electric hoists are packed into 4 boxes totally, and shipped by one 20’GP container.


The Philippines client is one of Dongqi’ regular clients. We are so honored to get the trusty of client  from the successful cooperation experience. Facing the special lifting problem, the client once again chooses Dongqi to find the professional solutions. Although the highest lifting capacity of Dongqi’ biggest hoist can reach to 50T, but no client has ever ordered an electric hoist with the lifting capacity more than 35T, this case is 45Ton hoist, lifting height high up to 30m, and hanging on fixed beams, not moving like regular crane, very special. The lifting conditions and requirement is special and new, but it is not difficult for Dongqi, the material handling expert in China.

45 ton electric hoist for Philippine boiler handling