Topic: The most famous horror game today: Poppy playtime

The poppy playtime game captures the true essence of horror that many people have lost sight of over the years.

The horror isn't about blood and gore, zombies and ghouls; the true meaning of horror is to make you dread every bend in a corridor, to get your heart racing, whether you're being chased down by a mad serial killer or dread of what's going to happen next, to keep you on your toes for what's to come.

Overall, it's a fantastic game with wonderful images and animation; I give it a 9.5/10!

- Fun, relaxing and addictive
- The hunt or be hunted
- Very beautiful 3D visuals
- Free and escape yourself by your own way
- High performance hide seek movement
- Online and free games

You can play Poppy Playtime online for free at the website: