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The Online Shopping Cart System: A Case Study On Amazon, has created a massive change in the world of online shopping. People are now up for online shopping as it allows them to pick things from various choices sitting at home only. It does not consume their energy of fighting for bargaining etc. And Amazon always tries to implement new technologies or adopt some changes with increasing customers.

Such a new technology adopted by Amazon to comfort their huge e-customers is the online shopping cart system.

1.Importance of online shopping cart system
A large-scale database management system is required for maintaining the data of customers. On the other hand, the online shopping cart system has been implemented to gather the goods they want to buy now or in the future. Technical experts keep track of the safety of the customer's data and the occurrence of any issue. As a student of computer science, looking for Humanities Dissertation Topics, the online shopping cart system of Amazon will be an excellent choice for you.

2.Outline of online shopping cart system of Amazon
●An online shopping cart system enables customers to store their selected items in a particular section. And they can buy them, whenever they feel appropriate.
●It also allows the customers to store their favourite items or things they can purchase in the future.
●Besides, it gives a chance to the customers to compare the price of the things with others before buying them. They can accumulate their favourite things in their cart.
●The main goal of installing this system was to increase the number of customers, loyalty factors, and organisational costs. This system utilises technologies like coding of web pages, proper databases etc. In addition, this system has popularity as an help with assignment.

3.Analysis of online shopping cart system
Here are some ideas why it is essential to analyse the online shopping card system of Amazon.
●To understand the online shopping cart system implemented by Amazon.
●To evaluate the need and importance of implementing the online shopping cart system.
●To elaborate on the impact of the online shopping cart system on the organisation and customers attached to it.
●To scrutinise the technology used for setting up the system.
For students who are looking for Swot Analysis Assignment help, the online shopping cart system of Amazon will be a wise option for them.

That's how this online shopping cart system is so vital for e-customers.
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