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Topic: Something small that's always bothered me

Frankly I know sites like IGN are not the most reputable for game reviews anymore but if they actually give this match above a 6.9 I will be amazed. There has been so much public outcry about this match being shitty I think even they are gonna listen to it and determine exactly what the issue is. I hope so at least. Bad earnings and Mut 21 coins poor critical reception would be the only two things that I think could legitimately bring about any real change to this show now that they've had their contract Re-upped through the mid 2020s. For at LEAST the past 10 years IGN always gave it a favorable review, always saying"a step in the ideal direction". 10+ years we are gradually stepping forward, but still have not reached the destination nonetheless. I'm not touching a different Madden until they have a massive franchise style update.

Something small that's always bothered me, and that you kinda brought up when discussing the high school games, is that the scene is always packed. It doesn't matter whether you're at the super bowl or at the very first game of  the preseason. You could literally drop as many matches in a row as you want, and the crowd is always full. I just kinda want they maybe would have made the stadium more vacant during high school or preseason games. Idk just my two cents. I remember they used to have lively crowds in Madden 11 but NFL owners complained and they never revisited the idea. You may still have it packaged but with varying levels of excitement ala NCAA 14.

Fantastic review. With that being said I knew what it was from the jump. Didn't even buy madden 20 until it was 19.99. This year I do not even know if that's worth it. I used to go to midnight earnings for this match, used to be this excited for it to release. I have no hope that this game will change for the foreseeable future, however I will try it for following GEN once I purchase my PS5 solely for internet H2H and nothing else. I don't even have to play the sport to learn how bad it is anymore, at this speed it is expected. And it is funny when people get angry at that. They think we're just haters, but in reality we just need a fantastic game to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins help keep us trying to play... However, like everything in existence, it has to come to an end and I think madden has reached that point.