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The Lakers are taking a similar tack with how they plan to manage Davis' workload in the frontcourt this season. Los Angeles added Marc Gasol and Montrezl Harrell to replace big men JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard.Los Angeles Clippers Face Masks

LOS ANGELES -- With the Los Angeles Lakers' first preseason game looming Friday against the LA Clippers -- which will be just six days into training camp and 61 days since their clinching Game 6 NBA Finals victory -- coach Frank Vogel sounds like he's calling off the big guns.

“We are only one mistake at a young age from having it all taken away from us or losing everything we worked so hard to build. Or worst come to worst, being in between those yellow-taped lines,” Towns said. “We understand how precious and how important this moment is. For both of us to be Black men, me not only being Black but Afro Latino, we really understand that this moment is not supposed to happen for us. And we got to make the most of it to show the young generation that this is possible. It is possible to keep your morals and values, be a professional in all of this and not lose yourself. And to not follow the trends, but show the world what it is to be a good human being.”Minnesota Timberwolves Face Masks

After seeing the strong bond he has developed with his mom over the years, his teammates were overjoyed to see the pictures and the reaction Adebayo's present created.

"So, it's good for him. We're excited to have him here. I know he's excited to be here. And he's a champion. You deserve it. I'm glad that the Lakers were able to work something out with him to be able to allow him to just go out there and play and not worry about contracts for the rest of the season."NBA Face Masks & NBA Face Covers

And the Rockets considered it good business to do what Harden wanted to keep a historically elite player happy. But when Harden tried to rush the Rockets to trade him in recent weeks despite the lack of an offer that they considered fair value, it wasn't the annual ultimatum for improvement. It was something more.Chicago Bulls Face Masks
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"It's unfortunate, but that's just the way it goes," Kerr said. "Our coaching staff has been showing him tape the last few days, and he's still getting some homework in between now and the time he'll be able to play again. So it's not ideal, but nothing's ideal for anybody in 2020."