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These northern Northwest Coast art forms eclipsed the more subtle and private expressions of art made by the local Coast Salish tribes throughout western Washington, until local Coast Salish artists such as William Shelton and Joseph Hillaire began carving Salish-style “Story Poles” and displaying them publicly throughout the region.(4) Green Bay Packers

"Obviously, as bad as it felt in the first half, we lost the game by 10 points," Murray said of Arizona's 38-28 loss to Los Angeles. "A lot of these games, we're right there, it's just a couple things don't go our way or we put pressure on ourselves.

Cardinals activate Fitzgerald, may face Giants
"We make it harder than it has to be. If we just simplify these games, it's pretty simple in itself, but at the same time it's hard to execute at this level. But I'm not worried about the pressure or anything like that."

Shortly before 7 p.m., the lab notified the Ravens that Bryant's test from Tuesday morning was inconclusive. Two minutes later, Bryant was removed from the locker room and placed in an isolation room in the stadium.Tennessee Titans

For starters, players will now be required to wear face coverings on the sideline during games. Coaches who call plays, who were previously permitted to wear a face shield in lieu of a face covering, will also now be required to wear a mask or double-layered gaiter -- details the NFL provided teams in a memo distributed on Monday and obtained by CNN Sports from a league source.Buffalo Bills

With face coverings now in heavy demand around the southeast and other areas. Some people have decided to use them as a creative outlets, showing off their favorite teams, schools or bands. Now Braves fans can get in on the action with FOCO rolling out a series of team inspired face coverings.

Still not feeling good enough to take his chances with another elbow bump, though. The foot tap is funnier, anyway.

With the Major League Baseball season suspended due to Covid-19, resources that would normally be reserved for making jerseys will instead go toward masks and gowns for healthcare workers.Cleveland Browns