Topic: A Guide for Purchasing a Backpack

When the time comes to buy a backpack - and it will come for everyone - whether for a small child just starting school where the latest character from the "Cartoon Channel" will be a requirement or for trekking the frontiers, traveling across Europe or a weekend getaway, knowing how to buy the perfect bag requires that one have a basic knowledge of the different types of backpacks and their particulars.

Backpacks for School

Whatever the age of the user, if the backpack is for school it needs to meet three important requirements:

Style - from Hello Kitty age to college MBA, if it doesn't fit the style of the wearer, it won't get any use. If you're buying for someone else a s a gift, make sure you know what they like.

Function - It has to hold everything in a way that makes it simple to retrieve what's needed without emptying the entire contents of the backpack. Often bags with outer pockets make carrying small, often used items easier.

Durability - It's going to get tossed about a lot and needs to be made from a quality canvas or other strong material that can take the abuse. The zipper and other closures must be strong and if it's going to be taken as checked baggage, make sure it will accommodate a lock.

Hiking Backpacks

Style is not as important as function and sturdiness. Comfort is most important here as the backpack will be worn for long periods. Sometimes hours. Consider a backpack with an external metal frame for added support and comfort, as well as strength.

Travel Bags

Again function and comfort are more important. Don't purchase a hiking backpack for travel. Hiking backpacks load from the top to make it easier to distribute the weight and keep the contents clean and dry. Imagine trying to retrieve your child's handheld game console that you packed on the bottom of the bag while you're on an airliner. Better a bag that loads from the front. Also, make sure the size meets the requirements for carry-on luggage.

Re: A Guide for Purchasing a Backpack

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