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Latest Features in Practo Clone
health care facility
This is the feature that allows us to choose which type of medicine we have to choose according to personal health issues. Different doctors and experts have been suggested for heart problems and every type of health issue has been selected for classified health facilities.

Personal dashboard
The dashboard is the UI that shows that all reports and activities are in a proper way and from where we can easily track and access data to take further action regarding previous reports.

Book Live and Real Appointments
Booking actual appointments help to save time and not wait in a long line of patients. In addition, live appointments help in emergencies when the patient may not be able to come to the hospital and also under regular checkups.

Online prescription
When we are consulting doctors online at the same time, then Practo Clone App allows taking prescription online, due to which we can easily take the prescribed medicine from the store. A separate report has been developed with a detailed prescription and is all available on the individual user's dashboard section. Visit