Topic: How to market online for modern brands

Online marketing methods that are standard for all corporate marketers.

1. Always understand your products and services first.

It is the beginning of marketing activities that have it all. The terms of understanding are as follows.

- Why was it made?
- Made to sell, who and what do they benefit from?
- Target groups that are suitable for your products and services
- Where are your customers?
- desired profit
- Target for the desired income
- etc

Everything that needs to be done is to plan the right marketing activities for your brand. More importantly, it is to use your customer perspective to look at your brand, how they will feel and what they get from using your product. A good understanding will give you a more accurate marketing plan. Value for money that has to be invested in matters that have to be paid.

2. Choose "media" that suit your business.

In terms of marketing, there is an activity that everyone knows exactly what it is, that is, "advertising", which will have two easy-to-understand advertising media in this era: online, such as social media like Facebook IG. Twitter, YouTube or TV, radio, e-mail, which is the main medium of this era, it can be said and offline such as dry signs, newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc.You have to analyze from the product to distinguish which medium is suitable. With your product More importantly, it is "customers", which each media can create advertisements to target different audiences, such as Facebook, suitable for all genders and ages. AIG is suitable for beautiful pictures. With the new generation, etc., choosing the right media will make the advertisement effective.

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3. Focus on advertising and create content that customers will receive.

The era is over with advertising that boast of its own properties Customers today are not stupid. The key is that they have many options before making a purchase. The online world makes it easy for them to search for information at their fingertips. When you do ads, you have to create content (Content) that is really useful to your customers. Stop talking about yourself But choose to offer what customers will have, such as offering products about car accessories that focus on what customers will get on the subject of beauty, pride, use standard products, durable, etc., reduce the word about the product itself So cool like that. Made in German, something like that.

4.Focus on creating personalized advertising (Personalization) even more

Gartner, a global research company, said: People will only be interested in advertisements that are relevant to their lives. This means that customers will have a real interest in ads that match them. The non-direct ads, such as diapers that are advertised to student groups Considered not in the target audience They will be annoyed and block those ads, etc. The targeted ads are not just the product image. But you need to use text, work, video or content that is targeted at those, for example, you advertise the whole country. But if it is north, you use northern language text South, you use the southern language Isan region, you use Isan language, etc. These details will create a lot of accessibility.

5. Use a reliable Micro Influencer to speak for you.

Actually using the presenter it works since your father's generation The more famous the stars Brands tend to sell better for the more money they spend on them. But the online age is no longer a work. Because most people don't watch TV But to look at things that you are interested in online, such as watching your favorite programs on YouTube Follow a blogger or YouTuber that you are interested in. Read the pages that you find useful, etc.

It's important that online celebrities know the truth about what they do. Some people have more followers than a singer. This gives them the power to speak for the brand and makes them the most relevant to their audience. In addition to saving advertising budget You can also hire micro More people than spending money to hire celebrities, which may also be hired by one person

There are a number of other pieces I would like to write about online marketing like a very knowledgeable person.

Re: How to market online for modern brands

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Re: How to market online for modern brands

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Re: How to market online for modern brands

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Re: How to market online for modern brands

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Re: How to market online for modern brands

Targeted advertising also includes retargeting, which further hones ad personalization and encourages customers to continue down the conversion funnel. More here