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Topic: Game-changing business through COVID Drill a case study of chat commer


Obviously, despite the disruption of COVID, online shopping habits remain, businesses and SMEs have to move online. In large business and  สล็อตxo  SMEs, they have to adapt digital tools to help. Both for communication to close the sale, which will increase another degree this year. Especially using "Chat Commerce"

"Ong Arun Saengroj" Marketing Director, BMW Financial Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a credit service provider, said the year before the Motor Show event had to be postponed because of COVID-19

The company started to host virtual events by using LINE OA (LINE Official Account) as a channel for promotion and "broadcast" or to send additional information to customers who are interested in buying a car. Until the sale can be closed

The main goal of using LINE OA is to expand a new customer base and build relationships between brands and existing customers. By setting up an admin team with knowledge of both vehicle specifications Finance service came up.

This year, it will combine BMW Leasing's LINE OA and BMW Group Thailand together to reduce complexity by focusing on the "chat tag" feature to focus on niche customers. Increase the opportunity to close the sale

In the SME group, although it has the advantage of being able to adapt quickly But still faced with capital issues, therefore, we had to make a decision to modify the business model. Or find new sales channels as soon as possible

Sonchan Suparerk, founder of SuitCube, a ready-made suit service provider, said that formerly the main customers were events and wedding groups, so that they had to adjust their business model by turning to sell roast pork. And when we found a new wave of COVID at the end of the year '63 again, another wave had to be adjusted. By making a suit for sale through LINE OA during the past Chinese New Year