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It is natural that people tend to have negative habits in them. But the very nature of this negative story will always play a part in hurting others. Still hurting even myself Especially spoiled of this 5 poop that is even more hurting both oneself and others. If you can stop, then ask to quit.

1. Infuriated and easily irritated
It is a symptom that does not have any good results. Although anger is a fundamental emotion that everyone can have. But being angry and easily irritated Until the expression was improper And affect other people May cause you to become someone who does not control their emotions. It also has a direct negative effect on health. As you know, the main ones are mental health ailments such as bipolar disorder, so if you are aware that you are experiencing this type of symptom. Then ask that you try to quell your anger By regaining consciousness and taking a deep breath until calming down. It will be one way to help you control your mood better.

2. Lazy
Believe that everyone has laziness in them. But if we are able to change our behavior, it will benefit us greatly. Whether it is in the matter of making the most of the time worthwhile Because normally if we feel lazy We will not want to do anything. In addition to lying dormant, which can also cause disease as well. For example, obesity is easy to cope with, starting with planning what to do in advance. So we have time to make it clear what to do before and after.

3. The complainer
Being a complainer costs us energy by reason. Which of course it does not benefit at all Because both the mental health of oneself and others who listen Causing annoyance and boring to those around you Plus, complaining people are more likely to do anything. And success was slower than others as well When you see that being a complainer doesn't have any advantages. Therefore, it should be known to let go and reduce some prejudices. For life and mental health will be better there.

4. Anxious
If you are someone who is too nervous The first thing that will adversely affect you is You will become a person who has no confidence at all. With all sorts of concerns Therefore you may not be brave enough to decide on your own For fear that it will go wrong In addition, being a nervous person brings Which stressful diseases - anxiety as well And if you are a very worried person, it can lead to more complications. The heaviest may even be considered suicidal. For this reason I want everyone Known to calm the mind through meditation. In the event that the cause of concern cannot be found Recommended to see a psychiatrist.

Being considerate is a good thing. But if we are afraid of everything We can easily become people who are taken advantage of. Someone comes to help you with work. And it's not your job But you feel considerate and don't dare to deny it. And accepted that he would help That will make you more difficult. So if you are being a person like this, you want to be light and nice. Because society today, people take advantage a lot Learn to be selfish. Myself will not be in trouble

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Re: Spoiled habit, quit, quit For a better life.

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