Topic: A water leak detection company in the treatment of the leakage problem

A water leak detection company in the treatment of the leakage problem
The problem of water leaks is considered one of the most serious problems that many people suffer in the Jeddah region because of its bad effects on the infrastructure of any house. Therefore, it was necessary to have a water leak detection company in Jeddah in order to face this problem in a scientific way and using modern technologies that help get rid of the problem of leaks The water also works to repair the damage caused by this leak.   كشف تسربات المياه بالخرج

The problem of water leaks

This problem is caused by water leakage from the pipes through which the water runs, and the dangers of these leaks arise in several forms, including: -

Leaks may be present in pipelines running through sewage water, whose leakage may lead to corrosion of the wall and its paints to appear clearly on the wall
This leakage of water may cause problems in concrete, especially the problem of corrosion of iron inside these concrete, which causes collapses in these buildings.
Therefore, we should not ignore this problem, and you must go to the specialists of a leak detection company in Jeddah who treat this problem because of its serious damage and the serious problems it causes, as it causes a large amount of water to be wasted and the dangers of not facing the problem of water leakage arise not only from its impact Dangerous buildings and concrete, but it also causes the growth of mold in the walls, ceilings, and all places where water leaks occur, which may pose a great danger to the health of the residents of the house.

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How to handle leaks

Rukn Al-Bait Company owns very high-tech service providers for leak detection in Jeddah and devices that operate with the latest technological systems to confront the problem of water leaks and protect against the dangers of leaking water in a safe manner and the treatment process is as follows: 

The main water network is closed, as well as all the faucets in the affected house. Then helium gas is used by compressing it in the pipeline as it works on the pipeline, and the task of this helium gas is that it creates vibration or great pressure in places where there is a fracture that we cannot notice. With the naked eye, these vibrations cannot be heard by the human ear, so a specialized electronic device is used by a water leak detection company in Jeddah to hear the infrasound vibrations, but there are mixed sounds produced inside the tubes, there is the usual roaring sound inside the water pipes and there is the sound of the vibrations and the experienced specialists differentiate between that The sound produced after the helium gas is compressed is a sound of vibration or a roaring sound and also walks around the bathroom walls and the side of the faucets in the entire house and all the places that the water comes out of.     المياه جنوب الرياض

As for the water that flows into the pipes in the area of leaks, it also causes vibration and these vibrations are in turn transmitted to the surface of the earth and can be known using the electronic device, which helps experts to be able to easily and accurately determine the places where the location of the water leakage is located, this electronic device has the ability to track The sound in the pipes also determines the area in which the sound reaches its intensity, and it is most often the area of the tube, and in some cases, thermal or water insulation is used after treating the location of the fracture, and this insulation is very useful in protecting the house from the recurrence of these leaks again. شركة كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض المعتمدة

Modern technologies in the field of detecting water leaks

One of the most important reasons for the success of any water leak detection company in Jeddah is its keenness to acquire the latest devices and technologies specialized in the field of detecting water leaks, which work with precision and high efficiency. The successful company also follows all means of protection from leaks such as protecting the ceilings and walls for homes that are exposed to heavy rain and that They cause serious damage to the home and this problem can be solved by using foam insulation technology, and this requires high accuracy and quality, whether for the foam that is used or those who install and install it. We also use in the Corner of the House advanced technology, which is the ground sensors that are used in the detection process of any A place or source for ground oscillations, which in turn determines the location and source of the leakage that occurs to water, so we can find ways to treat it.

Signs of water leakage in the house

The problem of water leaks is a serious problem, and if it is not properly addressed from the beginning without causing any cracking, it results in serious consequences that cannot be controlled later, and to avoid the occurrence of water leaks, the signs from which we know that a water leak has occurred and these signs are: -

Exaggerated rise in the water bill, any breakage that occurs in the water pipes, even if it is simple, can cause a large amount of water to leak out without using it in any useful way, and it is added to the bill and the value of the bill comes out very large and exaggerated.
Weakness in the lines that come out from the mother tube as a result of its leakage through a certain fracture that occurred, as the amount of water does not reach the tap completely, and with time and the widening of the location of the fracture, the water that comes out of the faucet gradually weakens.
Drip occurs continuously in sinks and faucets, even if these faucets have been closed, this is the largest sign of water leaks after making sure that the faucet is free of any defect.

تسرب الأنابيب
إذا كانت الأنابيب موجودة منذ فترة ، فقد يؤدي البلى والتلف إلى حدوث تسرب في خطوط الأنابيب. الأنابيب ، على سبيل المثال أنابيب نحاسية ، قد تصدأ ثم تنفجر بسبب ضغط الماء ، مما يسبب التسرب.

في بعض الأحيان ، قد يتم انسداد الأنابيب بالحطام ، مما يؤدي إلى ارتفاع ضغط المياه وبالتالي انفجار الأنابيب. تعتبر الأختام المكسورة وموصلات المياه السائبة ومفاصل الأنابيب التالفة أيضًا من المشكلات الشائعة لتسرب الأنابيب.

بعض الأنابيب غير مرئية ويتم إخفاؤها داخل الخزائن أو الجدران. يصعب حل هذه التسريبات ، وتحتاج إلى إقناع السباك بإصلاح ماسورة مسربة أو صنبور مسرب في أسرع وقت ممكن.

إصلاح تسرب الأنابيب
يمكن أن يكون إصلاح تسرب الأنابيب أمرًا صعبًا وصعبًا في التعامل معه إذا لم تكن لديك الخبرة. هذا صحيح بشكل خاص إذا كان الأنبوب غير مرئي للغاية أو مخفي داخل الخزائن أو الجدران. عند الاستعانة بسباك محترف لتسرب الأنابيب ، قد يوصي السباك بطرق الإصلاح