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Spicy food is considered a flavor that has been paired with Thai people for a long time. In which our Thai food also has a wide variety of menus that focus on spicy and spicy Whether it is red curry, spicy tom yum, stir-fried chili, and northeastern food such as papaya salad, Laab Namtok, Tom Saap, etc. These foods are all spicy as the protagonist. Which eating too spicy or eating too often On a regular basis Can have a negative effect on health as well Let's go over and see what's the harm of eating spicy food.

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1. Gastritis
Spicy food can cause stomach irritation. Causing a burning sensation in the stomach This symptom will happen to our stomach until the spicy food we eat is completely digested. Sometimes it burns to the point of emptying as well. The burning symptoms like this, if they occur frequently, can result in gastritis.

2. Acid reflux
In addition to irritation of the stomach and then. The spiciness that comes from the chili also causes acidity to build up in the stomach. Which is the cause of both pain and burning in the stomach And can cause bloating The more people who already have symptoms of GERD. After eating foods that are spicy By adding a lot of chili Prepare to cope with the burning sensation in the stomach Until it reaches the chest area due to acid reflux

3. Increase the risk of kidney disease and high blood pressure.
Spicy in Thai food usually comes in the form of red curry. In which curry paste Not only chili But there are also various ingredients in the preparation of the curry paste This includes fish sauce, seasoning sachets and MSG, a double danger for people who like to eat red curry often. Because in addition to the stomach will have to deal with the burning of chili. Still have to be at risk with the sodium in the curry paste Plus, spicy food also encourages you to eat more food than usual. Causing the increased risk of obesity

4. Increase the risk of heart disease.
When we eat spicy food. Will result in the circulatory system in the body to work harder Because the spicy flavor will stimulate the body to heat up Makes the blood pumping work faster. Which will directly affect the work of the heart Until it increases the risk of heart disease.

How to eat spicy food properly Is to choose to eat, but just right Do not eat too much and eat spicy food with rice or vegetables. As people in the olden days ate chili paste with vegetables Or spicy Isaan food with fresh vegetables served together However Eating food of all flavors in the middle Not too spicy Inevitably affects the health of the body in the long run