Topic: International 2

Is now dead. You can't even log on to the forums properly, how? Forget it, It would take a novel to explain all the weird and sloppy bugs in this game and it's not my job to tell you how to do yours. Here's my post mortem.

UI: 5/10---Some hope here, whomever did this seemed to have a basic understanding on how to get players information but still had flaws on unit location and evacuation as examples. The new server promises to have a better interface, but the changes appear cosmetic at this point.

City Building: 4/10---People like to see their city upgrade. SEE it, ask any other of the 4000 upgrade games out there. No new icons for building as it advances, come on, either fund it or wait till you can, seems lazy. Also as you get to higher levels there is nothing to do in your cities anymore except log in, set construction that takes hours and log out, a new dynamic is needed.

Social angle---6/10. Whoopee, got alliances and world chat and that's all the good I can say. People in alliances can't see who's online or off, unit sharing can be a bad idea if this game grows (Saboteurs).

Combat.---1/10, yup here we go this is where I really pop off. Combat in this game is like trying to herd cats, it's a hissing, pissing mess. Not being able to attack other players even in a small way allows griefers and trolls to act with impunity. Steal a farm, drag a GSA camp through a fortress, act like a general ass? Yup, that's all on the table for some casual noob to do to a dedicated player with nearly no consequence. I ain't saying senior players should be able to grief new ones because they can be assholes too, but both should have an ability to do shit.

Packet loss and lag still haunt despite what you say about server load being light. Units don't do what they are told no matter what command you use and seem to have a mind of their own if you leave alone for a second and it always seems they do the dumbest possible thing. Whereas GSA units, being server side don't seem to have this problem, they zig and zag, and don't hex stomp each other.

And finally, the universal strategy to take on a 2 freaking million GSA tanks, riders, skimmers and walkers? . Pull and drag, pull and drag....for hours all while your units keep bumping into each other or take a scenic route like an idiot
If I wanted to play a game where I do the exact same thing for 5 hours I would play farmville or WOW.

I hope your new server is improved I really do. I bitch because I care and this game has potential.