Topic: OneVape Airmod60 - 2 Limited Colors for June

Hi folk! What's up? Today let's take look at Onevape Airmod 60 again, yes again, We already have a review about it, you can check it at here: Onevape Airmod60 Review

But here is a brand new update: They got 2 limited colors for June, and strictly limited to 2,000 kits on June in the whole word. They are Rainbow Purple and Rainbow Red!

What's more? The new limited color kit are got 3 coils included (0.2Ω,0.5Ω,0.8Ω), we know that the original color kits only got 2 coils (0.2Ω,0.5Ω)

So no time to wait, let's enojoy with those 2 beautiful colors.

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