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NEW YORK -- As the Nets' first games of the season draw near, Kevin Durant and Brooklyn's coaching staff have started to map out how they will utilize the former league MVP in the team's two preseason games.
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Neeld played the final three seasons of his professional career in obscurity, competing in the International Hockey League (IHL) and North American Hockey League (NAHL).

Because those rules can't be followed, sports in my province and in many other provinces have all been shut down. So what gives the NHL any right to come in and demand special treatment for its teams and players just so it can run through a season? Why on earth would any government acquiesce to this request when the citizens of those provinces can't live their lives in a somewhat-normal manner? Or, to be blunt once more, why is the NHL acting like a petulant child while the rest of us are being punished for not following rules?

"It wasn't quite 'pick one of these three that we're showing you today,' but it was closer to that in our typical process with the NHL," said Near. "I would be stretching the truth if I said we had everyone in unanimously from day one. It doesn't really work that way."

The Canes have another week of training camp — Phase 3 of the NHL’s Return to Play plan — before leaving for Toronto to enter the protective “bubble” for Phase 4 and the postseason competition.

Look, you can be unhappy that I seem to be anti-hockey lately. That's your right, and you're welcome to use as much energy as you like on being unhappy with me. I would ask that you consider that I live in one of these NHL cities where the NHL would be trying to operate, and I am currently locked down in my house in a quarantine that has now lasted for over a month. Frankly, I'm tired of not being able to do things like see family or close friends. I'm annoyed that I can't celebrate Christmas or New Year's Eve with people I love. Honestly, if you think you're unhappy with me, put yourself in my boots and try to understand how unhappy I am that people can't follow simple rules like wear a mask, avoid socializing in large gatherings, and stay home unless necessary.Tennessee Titans for NHL Face Masks

Rather than keeping the white base of the mask as many goaltenders did in the 70’s, Stephenson’s mask went all orange, turning the Flyers’ logos into a superhero-like eye mask. While most masks in the modern era incorporate the team’s logo somehow in the design, the placement and transformation of the logos on Stephenson’s mask was ground-breakingly creative for the time period.Miami Dolphins for NHL Face Masks