Topic: Social and Digital Media Marketing During the COVID-19 Crisis

-- Rukmani Vinay Dasarapu.
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People are spending more and more time online due to COVID 19.  A significant lot are now working from home and attending classes online. Birthday celebrations, family get togethers, business meetings and activities have moved to online platform. With this increased online footprint many businesses are using social media instead of traditional marketing channels to connect with their users. Now is the best time to and build a long-term relationship with your existing and potential clients.

Business should use this unique opportunity to connect with their clients at a personal level, it is important
to keep content appropriate. Thinking of innovative ways to help people handle this crisis situations will also help in building a positive brand image.

It is vital for your brand to detect unique ways to strengthen your relationship with your customers on all social platforms, this increases their loyalty and affinity to you.

              -       Start online campaigns to engage your audience.

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-       Keep everyone posted on what changes your organization has adopted to fight this pandemic.

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-       Voice your opinion on issues that impact your customers.

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Staying connected with your users through social media and digital platforms is the best way to sustain and grow your business.