Topic: Intensive care has been 'mentally very draining'

Intensive care has been 'mentally very draining'

Michael Martin, intensive care consultant at Glangwili General Hospital, told 5 Live that the last year had been "mentally and emotionally very exhausting".

He said the hospital had a lot of patients who had been there for a long time with Covid and had not really recovered.

"That’s something we have seen, particularly in the second wave...that the patients, for some reason, are not getting better," he said.

He also said that people questioning the severity of the virus and not following the rules was "upsetting".

"I’m used to a lot of patients dying in critical care but with Covid the number of deaths have gone up dramatically," he said.

"It's emotionally very draining and very hard for everybody involved, and to see people questioning the seriousness of this is very difficult to take."

Mr Martin has worked in intensive care for 25 years but has never experienced anything like the pandemic before.

"The way the patients behave, the interaction with the relatives, just keeping patients safe for them not to catch Covid in the hospital has been really draining mentally," he said.

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Re: Intensive care has been 'mentally very draining'

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